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The value of your horn depends on a lot of factors.

First of all:

Who am I to make this list. Nobody. Yet everybody keeps asking what I think is the value of their horn. That's the reason I compiled this list. It's just a list of what I THINK a horn should cost. No hard figures, just estimates.

They where made in the year 2000, so take them with a grain of salt (like we Dutch say)
I don't keep track of prices anymore. There just isn't that much time when you play in two bands (40-60 gigs a year) next to a daytime job.
And yes, they are based on the American market, prices over in Europe are higher.

Most importent: Technicall condition

The adjustment of the horn. Does it play in tune, and do ALL pads close sufficiently. Is the horn straight and technically sound. That's what makes a saxophone work.

Second: Is the lacquer original?

That's a hard one. If it is a re-lacquers horn changes are it is over buffed. (to get alle scratches out)
Buffing removes material from the horn. Chances are that the sound of such a horn is not that good as the original.
I'm not saying that every relacquered horn is a piece of scrap, in fact there are specialists who do a very nice job, but there is a risk.

Third: Finding the right person to sell your horn

There are still a lot of people only wanting a nice, new looking, shining instrument. If you want top-dollar you must get lucky and find someone willing to buy an old horn, just because of the fact that IT IS a special old horn.

Less importent is: Amount of wear

(except ofcourse if it is a mint condition original lacquer horn).

These are my estimates....

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Model Type of hornPrice estimate
Handcraft models Soprano 1.000 USD
(Troubadour, Type-writer +10%) Alto 600 USD
(Imperial +20%) C-melody 300 USD
  Tenor 600 USD
  Baritone 1.000 USD
Homemodel C-melody 200 USD
Handcraft Imperial, Committee Alto 800 USD
  Tenor 800 USD
  Baritone 1.100 USD
Committee II Alto 1.000 USD
  Tenor 1.000 USD
  Baritone 1.500 USD
The Martin Alto 1.000 USD
(Magna +10%) Tenor 1.000 USD
  Baritone 1.500 USD
Indiana, Imperial, Medalist Alto 600 USD
  Tenor 600 USD
  Baritone 800 USD