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Martin Medalist saxophones

Made 1950 - 1970 (Ser# 81K - 100K and 200K - 320k - a lot missing here) Classification: Intermediate

Contribution of "Kevin Schulte"

This is an intermediate horn.

People tell me how inpressive the sound is of this horn. Much brighter then the other Martins. This leads me to believe that the Medalist was intended to be competition for the french horns of it's days (Selmer, SML, Buffet).

More pictures (click to enlarge)

Some characteristics (click to enlarge)


The keyguards of the low-B and Bb keys

The keyguards of the low-c key

Left pinky clusters

right pinky clusters

The thumbrests voor left thumb

The thumbrests voor right thumb

The body to bell brace