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My personal background

My name is Edwin van Druten. I live in Apeldoorn, a city in The Netherlands, a one hour ride east of Amsterdam.

My first steps on saxophone

I learned to play the Saxophone on an old Soprano back when I was young. It was a bitch (Split octave mechanisme, leaks) but I managed. After a while I switched to Alto (Sorry, don't know the make) and learned to love the saxophone.
Later on, it was a Tenor that really got my attention. It was a Selmer Mk VII and, in spite of what I read in the newsgroups, I really loved that machine. The large pinky plateau, I hear everybody complain about, worked well for me.
Sadly though it wasn't mine, it belonged to the concert band I was playing in. That's why we had to part, because I found a Job outside my hometown.
(Still hurts, Partir c'est mourir un peu (Pardon my french :)))

Getting into vintage horns

A few years later I bought my first Saxophone. It was a Martin - The Martin Tenor. Man I Loved that sound. Very powerfull, yet you could whisper like a morning breeze.... (Ahum).
Loved the price, the Look..didn't mind the lack of lacquer, and the Neck that wasn't original. Bought it and loved it eversince.

Sometimes I fool around with my (OLD) Bundy alto from 30s. (Her sound still amazes me)
And I was lucky to buy a Conn Chu alto from a friend.

I have also owned a SML Goldmedal II tenor (People, try one) and a Beaugnier soprano.

Next to saxophone I play sousaphone (Conn 36K), trombone (King 4B sonorous), Bariton (Elkhart) and a little trumpet (Lark)

Where do I play

I play lead-alto in a dutch amateur bigband FreeTimeMusic.

I also play in a kind of party/carnaval brassband.
I started on tenor saxophone, went to the dark side for a few year playing trombone, and now I try to be heard on sousaphone, but getting there.

The picture shows me playing my tenor at a gig in Enschede.
It was with bigband Multisound a band I used to play in. I sometimes lend a hand when they need a tenor.