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Martin Handcraft saxophones

Made 1907 - 1931 (Ser# 0 - 108k) Classification: Professional

Martin Handcraft Alto

The Handcraft was a pro horn. It had the split bell keys, meaning that the Low B is on the other side of the bell than the low Bb.(Apparently not on the soprano)

There are three phases known:
Phase 1 Sernr range 0-20k
- Straight toneholes
Phase 2 Sernr range 21k-81k
- Bevelled toneholes
- no front-F (Quick-F)
Phase 3 sernr range 81k-108k
- Bevelled toneholes
- front-F (aka Quick-F)
- high-C# adjuster

I read on the saxontheweb.net forum that the high-C# adjuster closes the small stack pad to lower the pitch on high C# and palm D and helps somewhat on Eb.

Special features:
- Soldered toneholes
- Several engravings where possible, the one shown is very luxurious

Most of the Martin-stencils I've seen on Ebay, had the looks of a Handcraft (Some where Indiana's).

I played a (1930) Handcraft tenor once:
middle and High register where comparable
the low register was a bit brighter than my The Martin.

Here is nice review

More pictures (click to enlarge)

Overall fotoos

Some characteristics (click to enlarge)


The keyguards of the low-B and Bb keys

The keyguards of the low-c key

Left pinky clusters

Right pinky clusters

The thumbrests voor left and right thumb (the right one is fixed as you can see)