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Martin Home Model saxophones

Made 1935 - 1937 (Ser# 112K - 118k) Classification: Student

Contribution of "Jens Steinhorst", no site known

This beauty is a C-melody. It's serialnr is in the 117K range.

These saxes where specially build for the amateur home market (hence the name).
To make it more easier to play, they limited the keywork (No side- or trill-keys).
It's range was also limited (low-c till High-C)

It was intended to be sold not through music stores, but by mail order firms. This didn't workout that well, so only few where made.

More pictures (click to enlarge)

Some characteristics (click to enlarge)


No pearls in the keys

The keyguards of the low-B and Bb keys are not there

The keyguards of the low-c key

Left pinky clusters

right pinky clusters

The thumbrests voor left thumb

The thumbrests voor right thumb

The body to bell brace is not there