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Martin Centennial saxophones

Made 1941 - 1942, Ser# 137### - 143###) Classification: Professional

Centennial Alto

I assume this model was introduced to celebrate the invention of the saxophone by Adolph Sax 100 year ago(1843). Hence the name Centennial which means 100 years.

They share a lot of features with the later "The Martin ____" models. A few Committee 2 features can also be found.
Fascinating is the fact that the alto models have kind of a "The Martin Alto" design and the tenor necks look more like the older Committee 2.

Also the keyguard of a the low-c tonehole is a combination between the Comm2 and the later "The Martin ___".
I think this model should be seen as a transitional model from the Committee 2 towards the "The Martin ___" range.

More pictures (click to enlarge)

Some characteristics (click to enlarge)


The keyguards of the low-B and Bb keys

The keyguards of the low-c key

Left pinky cluster

The thumbrests voor left and right thumb


Body to bell brace

Low C tonehole