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You can help me make this site (even) better

First of all let me start by saying that it was only possible to create this site because of all the help I got from you people out there.
The only handson experience I had was my trusty The Martin Tenor. All the other information was send by helpfull people wanting to lend a hand.

I'm still gratefull for that...

There is still a lot to do and you can still help me with that.

Missing model information

There is still a lot I do not know...
For instance:
- What do the very first Martin models look and play like? Are they in fact what I call Handcrafts?
- The Indiana model history is partly known and I need more data to put the history together.
- I (believe to) know all models. but am not sure in what types (alto, tenor, bari etc) they where build
- Etc
- Etc

You can help by letting me know the serialnr and model of your horn, maybe even some nice pictures (preferable). Specially if you have a horn that has a serialnr that's outside the range I have deducted for that model.


Pictures help a lot to find out about the history of Martin saxophones... They also make this site more interesting for the viewers.

If you're able and willing to make and send some digital pictures, I would love to get:
- Total shot from the left
- Total shot from the right
- Detail shots from the engraving (These are difficult to make)
- Detail shots from the neck or other body parts
- Detail shots from the keyguards
- Detail shots from the keywork
- Detail shots from the toneholes
- Detail shots from the pinky cluster
- Etc

If you send pictures in JPG format making them about 200KB each that would be perfect.
If you have a slow internet connection make them smaller. As long as they are sharp and show some detail I would be very happy.


I love it when people send me a note just to tell me that they adore (or hate) the horn they are playing or just to tell that they enjoyed the site.
It make it all worthwhile.


Yes, this site does cost me money. That way you're not bothered with pop-up adds and other bothering content.
This also guarantees that this site will have a save haven for a lot of years and adds performance to the user.

I hope you don't mind me trying to get some money out of it. That's why I added goodle-ads and all those other silly ads.

I guess I still hope for a martin playing millionair to come around thinking, well let's help this bloke getting his collection of Martins he's dreaming of . It's allways nice to dream.

At the moment it helps getting the costs as low as possible.

In the mean-time you can have a look at the adds on my pages, or you can support this site financially by donating with PayPal.