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Welcome to "The Martin Story".

Initially this site started out in august 1999. This is revision number ?, I lost count. I just wanted to make it a somewhat more professional looking site.

With the help of you people out there it became one of the mayor sites (If not the site) on saxes built by "The Martin Band Instrument Company"

I can safely say it's a lot of work building and maintaining a site like this, but I enjoyed every moment of it. It's nice getting e-mail from all over the world knowing that people enjoy something I created.

Oh yes...AND... I'm Dutch, so english is not my native language. If you find some typo's please forgive me.

Navigating around

Just mouse over the scroll menu's on top of this page.

The menu doesn't work?

Use my sitelist to enter all desired pages. click here for the sitelist

Identifying your horn

If you do not know what kind of Martin you have, browse through all the models in the "Model Details" menu. Or go directly to this page.

How old is your Martin of how much is it worth

You can find your answers in the "FAQ" menu. Or go directly to this page.

How can you help me.....

This site is made possible by all those people out there willing to help me with my quest. They helped by sending pictures, giving me information I didn't know and more..
If you want to know how to help me, just click here.


Please keep in mind that most info in this site is hear say. There is no way I can verify all the data send to me. One thing I learned is that there still is a lot to know about these wonderfull saxes. I still do not considder myself an expert on this topic.

I do not own all the shown instruments. All pictures where send to me by owner or where found on the internet.
I'm granted the use of most of the pictures. If you see a picture that you think I should not use, please inform me and I will withdraw it from my site.

Also have a look at Saxpics. Pete has done a lot of research on (allmost) all makes of pro-saxophones.